Ed and Friends: Collaboration

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Ed and Katie Appleton-Garland
I met Katie while she ran her Friday night Karaoke at Up Front Bar & Grill near St. Lawrence Market. Katie and I clicked with songwriting from day one.
Jolene - live at the Gladstone (2007-12-02)
Promise - live at Supermarket (2009-03-22)
Ed and Brooke Friendly
Brooke and I have never met in person. I answered his ad on Kijiji, sent him the songs that I recorded with guitar, bass, and drum tracks, and he added the vocal tracks to these songs and sent them right back to me. We will meet one day.
Waiting for You (2009)
Unforgiven (2009)
Can You Feel It (2009)
Ed and Heather Dale
Heather is a professional musician and a friend of a friend who was kind enough to come over to help me to learn how to use my new recording equipment on the last day of January 2009. This is a one-take wonder, made up on the spot by the both of us.
Almost February (2007)
Ed and Paul Wieczorek
Paul is my good friend responsible for getting me back into music in the mid 1990's.
Hounds (2009)
Cole's Blues (2009)